Sunday, March 29, 2009

Standing Up for Jesus


There is not a lot said about Stephen in the Scriptures, but what is said about him is remarkable. We read in the Bible were he was full of faith and power. he also did great wonders and miracles among the people. Just by reading those facts we can see Stephen was controlled by and filled with the Holy Ghost and he was also full of knowledge. He spoke the truth with power and this did not go over well with the church world of that day. In other words the Jews of that day. They resisted his wisdom and also the spirit by which he spoke. In other words they were resisting the Holy Ghost. As they kept looking at him they saw his face as it had been the face of a angel. In other words they saw God. God let his Glory shine through Stephen to let all know that he was speaking the truth.This tell us that Stephen lived close to God. Stephen spoke and preached the truth. Just like God’s anointed and called out preachers of today Stephen was resisted and opposed by the church leaders and the church world of that day. No matter what the time or age, people have and always will reject God’s word and His Prophets.

Let me go just a little further with this. As most of you know I have a conservative Web page called: “Conservative View Point”  This page deals with conservative values and I mostly get favorable comments from my articles. My last post on that page was feed to a local news paper that most of my conservative commentaries go to. The last article was about Judge Roy Moore and the poem that he wrote about God and this country. The poem had great merit and deserved to be read by many people as possible. I received more negative mail, {you could call some of it hate mail} about this man and what he said in his poem than all the articles that I have wrote in six months. As I sat and thought about the negative comments I realized something that in my spirit I already and always did know.

THE BIGGEST PART OF THE WORLD HATES CHRIST! They do not want to hear the truth. Same as in Stephen’s Day. It was not my latest article that I posted or Judge Brown that these people hate. It is Jesus Christ who they hate! If you read the poem that Judge Brown wrote he told the truth. The sad thing is most of the world does not want to hear the truth. We must remember that if we think the world hates us remember they hated Christ first! People hated Paul, Peter, Stephen, The Disciples, John The Baptist, and many of the Old Testament men of God. Many gave their live for the Master.

I will most likely get some negative feedback from what I’m about to say but I feel strongly as though I must say it. Most people that profess to be Christians hold back when they should be going forth. For example when they took Christ to be tried Peter followed but did not speak out and even denied the Lord. We have Jesus haters given their nasty and negative remarks about the truth, but Christians say nothing. it is time for Christian people to stand up and be counted. It is a evil world that we live in.

Don’t just say that you are a Christian. Do the things that promote Jesus. Send Christian email to everybody on your email list. Have them resend it to everybody on their email list. Give honor where honor is due. We must show this sinful world that as Christians we are united for our Lord.

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