Sunday, March 1, 2009

Precious Memories










       As I sat in church this Sunday morning so many memories began to flood my soul. I indeed now know what precious memories are. As I sat in this old country church I started to have things come to my mind that have happened there over the past thirty years. I remembered person after person who attended the church and now have gone on to be with the Lord. They were Godly people who were so faithful that they never hardly missed a service.

Brother Marine in his old age came to church one Sunday morning in a very sick condition so as he said he could be counted as being there and then he left and not long after went to be with the Lord. It puts me to shame that when I was not half as old as he was and when I’m not half as sick as he was I would stay home.

I remembered as we labored to build the Sunday School rooms and the small and teen age children that were in its classes. Now they are grown and have kids of their own. The doors are still open and the gospel of our Savior is still preached every Sunday morning and Sunday night. The light from that light house still shines. Precious are those memories of that old light house.

I can still see people such as my mother standing and singing above the bright blue, Miriam Whitley as she would sing and play the piano.  Brother Brinsfield and his wife, and many others who have passed through the doors and are no longer there. I can hear their voices as they sang just the same today as in yesteryears. There was my uncle Roland who would come from Baltimore and preach and sing. You always knew that you would find the Lord there and still can.

There was the many hymn sings that we had and how the church was packed and sometimes people standing on the outside. We had country gospel singers such as Sheldon Stacey and his band. How good they were. how anointed they were. I remember the Donavon family and their great singing which always blessed my soul.

But what I remember the most was when the Spirit OF The Lord visited us on so many occasions, of the people that were saved, healed, and delivered, set free by God’s glorious power.  The anointed messages that were and still are preached and how the people would come to the alter afterward being under conviction and seeking the Lord.

The one most important time for me was when the church gave a Easter play about the Crucifixion of Christ. That was about 25 years ago. As my oldest son walked up to the front of the church, playing the part of Christ carrying His cross there was another person behind him with a whip making believe he was  beating my son as he was carrying the cross. The spirit of the Lord came on me so strong that I just wept and wept uncontrollably. Tears just poured down my face. What a price my Jesus paid for me and you.  I still get tears in my eyes to this day as I remember that play and what Jesus did for me.

All in that little country church. What a privilege to be there and how great it was to be where the Spirit of the Lord was and might I add still is. I know that I’m not only talking about the people that were members there but how that little church has stood for the true gospel and the labors of her members. I said all that to say this: “There are still churches, just like the one that I attend that still preaches the true gospel and they are letting their light shine in this sin dark world.” Those precious year of memory in that old country church I will always hold dear to my heart.

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