Saturday, January 31, 2009

It is Saturday Morning January 31st and as I sit at my desk this morning I was thinking about a statement that I made, not too long ago, to my Cousin. It has been on my mind for some time now and I feel like it is time for me to stress this point with all my friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord and put my thoughts of what I'm thinking in print.
I recently told my cousin that there is not many of our elders left in the family line to carry on the family traditions. There will soon be nobody to tell the history of our great family. The elders of the family are almost all gone. They are leaving us and going on to their reward. All the cousins, who are the younger generation, will have to carry on our name and keep in touch with each other to keep the family name and its rich history intact. To tell the stories of our fore fathers and their father's father. How soon we would forget if it was not passed down from generation to generation, family to family, and reunion to reunion.
This is the same way that God wants the Church to work. We need to pass down to our children and their children's children the wonderful blessings that Our Lord and Savior have bestowed on us as His Children. The remembrances' of the Camp Meetings, the Brush Arbor Meetings, The Revivals, and all the miracles that we witnessed should be told to our younger generation. We need to tell all that we witnessed about God's miracles and His Almighty Power. As Christians it is our heritage.
Was this not what God commanded the Hebrews to do in the Old Testament? They were to teach and tell their children of God's Commandments, His love, and how He rolled back the waters of the mighty Red Sea. How He fed them with manna from above and all the other miracles that happen. As God's people are we not to do the same? Think about that question. The answer to that question is yes and amen.
The fact of the matter is this, There is a falling away today of God's People, a falling away from His standards that was set for us so long ago. There is a reason for this and it all starts in the home at a very young age. Most people are no longer teaching their children the Biblical Values that we were taught when we were growing up. In fact most kids are taught nothing about God or His great works. We wonder why our country is like it is. We must realize as a nation that professes God that it is the home were all training starts and this is where good (Godly) leaders come from. It is the home where the seeds of, right and wrong, the Church, the commandments, Jesus and His love, are planted.
The seeds of wrong are already being planted in the minds and hearts of our children today by the government, the schools, and yes even some Churches that have turned from the truth and believed a lie. What do I mean by wrong? Telling our kids it is okay for Adam to marry Steve, and starting sex education in kindergarten when it should be taught in the home at a later age. Telling our kids it is nothing wrong with murdering unborn babies, removing the Bible and prayer from the class room.
One of the greatest blessings in my life is that I was raised in a Christian Home that did teach, instruct, and bring me up in the right way. Those three things have never left me and as my children grew up I did the same thing for them as my parents did for me. Now my grandchildren are being instructed the same way by their mother's and father's. Not only is it a Christian duty but it should be a family tradition to tell the future generations about our Savior and His love. If we sow good seeds now our children will reap the benefits later.

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