Saturday, August 26, 2017

Applying The Blood

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And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye [are]: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy [you], when I smite the land of Egypt.

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most single over looked verses in the whole Bible, but one of the most important scripture in the whole Bible. It was not the self-worthiness of the Hebrews, it was their faith in that blood. God did not say “when I see you, or, when I see your good works”, or “When I see how much money you have” or “When I see how important you are” nor did He say, “when I see where you go to church”, but He said “When I see the blood” Has the blood been applied to the door post of your heart? Are your garments spotless? Are they white as snow?Are you washed in the blood of the lamb? Applying the Blood of Christ to your life is a very important matter just as it was for the Hebrews when they were in Egypt. The blood applied to the door post meant that the Hebrew's faith and their trust was in the blood of that Lamb. The blood that was applied then, was meant to be a token of the ONE to come, a symbol of the one who would redeem man kind by the shedding of His life Blood. The Hebrews in that day were facing many hardships (as we are today) by the hands of the Egyptians. You do not have to read between the lines to see the hunger, hardship, sickness, and the poor quality of life that the Hebrews (God's Children) were facing, and just the plain brutality of their Egyptian masters. The Hebrews had a hard life. But deliverance came! It was when they applied the blood.

It did not matter if the house was new, old, large, or small. The blood had to be applied to the door post. It did not matter how far they could trace their lineage back or if it was perfect, or they went to the synagogue often, or what religious ceremonies they took part in. All that mattered was applying that blood. The Hebrews may have not known much or understood of what was taken place, but this one thing they did know if they were to be safe that night, the blood had to be applied and that was all that mattered. The Blood of the Lamb and the word of the Lord formed that foundation of the Hebrews peace and safety that night. All that was under the cover of that blood were made safe, just as it is now to all that are saved and under the cover of the precious blood of Jesus.

This story takes us to the very heart and true meaning of Christianity. It is the story and true meaning of the cross. We, as Christians, must see our full redemption in the blood of Jesus because our full redemption rests in that precious Blood. Our simple forgiveness of sin rest on that. We either trust it or we do not trust it.

If our nation wants deliverance, from the evil that has come upon it, then it should take a page out of the history that is found here. We must look to Jesus. The one who died on Calvary, long ago, and shed His Blood that we might be saved. We must apply the blood of Christ to our hearts and to the door post all across America, in our homes, schools, government buildings, our churches, because it is nothing but the blood of Jesus that can save us. What can wash away the sins of this nation? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!

Here is how you, this nation, and I can be safe and secure from all that alarms us. We can read in Revelations 12:11 this: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.” We overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb! The blood on the door post was evidence of the Hebrews faith in that they were commanded to do it and they did it without question. To most people, this would be a laugh, a joke, a fairy tale, But to a servant of God

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Falling Away

In my seventy years of life, churchgoing, in America, has declined and also has started to deteriorate in America; the family no longer goes to church as a family unit. There was a saying; the family that prays together stays together and I submit also the family that goes to church together stays together. I have noticed over my lifetime that families went from going to church together to the parents just sending their children to church, to not sending them at all. It is a shame and a disgrace when a child, is asked, does not know who Jesus is. I’m glad that I was raise in church by a mother and father who went with me. I’m proud that at a early age I was shown the way. That “Way” went from my parents to me, to my children, and now their children. Sad to say this “Way” is on the decline in America. With this decline comes the decay of our great country. It is so sad. My heart aches.

How Godly was our country? A lot of our country’s laws that were based on faith no longer apply. As we look back on them today most people and even some Christians laugh at these laws and there is nothing that is Holy unto the Lord anymore. Many faith-based laws have ended. For example, it’s no longer a crime for stores to open on the Sabbath. It’s no longer illegal to buy a lottery ticket or a cocktail or a magazine showing nudity. Mandatory prayer was removed from public schools. The little lamb could not come to school anymore. Police, shootings, drugs, and many other things have replaced the lamb.

 Desperate women and girls were allowed to end unwanted pregnancies because the law against abortion is no more. Murdering babies in the mother’s womb are the norm for today. Gays were allowed to elude prison, and finally allowed to marry, even parade down the street defying God. The White House was lit up in rainbow colors honoring homosexuals; Birth control was legalized for all couples. It’s no longer a crime for unwed couples to live together. It’s no longer a crime for movies and books to present sex in the rawest form. Teaching of evolution is allowed in public school biology classes. And now we have the Muslim religion trying to dominate our country. Churches now send the helpless, the ones in need of spiritual help to psychologist to solve their problems instead of the pastor doing his part. Nothing manmade such as psychology will ever solve spiritual problems. It is only what Christ did at the cross that will solve man’s problems. No wonder so many young people are leaving churches.

A new report, just out, says that Americans who say their religion is “none” have become the largest segment in the United States. They now constitute 25 percent of adults, compared to 21 percent who are Catholic and 16 percent who are evangelical. The secular tide is sure to rise, because 39 percent of adults under 30 have no church affiliation. (This is because they were never carried to church or taught at home about the Lord Jesus Christ.)

The falling away of our Christian faith has been “swift and dramatic”, in recent decades.  Protestants, Catholics and finally evangelicals are falling away. Southern Baptists lost 200,000 members in 2014, then another 200,000 in 2015.

I leave the reader with what I am going to do and I hope that you will do; AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.