Monday, February 10, 2014

And He Pitched His Tent

We can read in our Bible of two men, both were righteous. One was Abraham and the other was Lot, who was Abraham’s nephew. They were also very rich men because God had blessed therm. They became so wealthy that they had to separate because of disputes and quarreling. In other words there was contention between the two households.  Abraham gave Lot the first choice of which way to go. Lot had much in his favor. He had riches and he was a righteous man, but the most important, he was blessed with Godly relatives. When a person is blessed with Godly relatives he is truly blessed.  Just like Lot we have to make choices.
Lot separated himself from Abraham and pitched his tent toward Sodom. Lot’s decision was made purely for carnal reasons rather than for spiritual reasons. Lot was making a choice that day. That choice was for personal gain. Like some people today, including some Christians, the greed for more wealth over took him and he set his eyes toward Sodom. Some Christians, in today’s world, have set their sight toward Sodom.
There is nothing wrong with Christian people being blessed by wealth but we should never take our eyes off of our spiritual values. With Lot Sodom was a good place to raise cattle and that was all he saw. As we all know Sodom lacked in spiritual values. It was sure not a good place to raise his family. Like Lot a lot of Christians today are more interested in the wealth and the money than they are the spiritual things, which is a bad mistake. Whenever a Christian puts his spiritual life on the back burner they are headed for trouble. Lot was thinking of paradise but found Hell!
The spiritual values of Lot were gone. He pitched his tent toward Sodom and then in another chapter we read that he was living in Sodom. He was having fellowship with those ungodly people and not only that his family was also lost for spiritual values. He had daughters that married ungodly men of Sodom. Lot’s Wife loved the things of Sodom and looked back. We all know what happen to her. Then Lot’s other daughters had sex with him and became pregnant. All this because Lot pitched his tent in the wrong direction. What a terrible high cost Lot paid for his decision to pitch his tent toward Sodom and it is a tragic example for all Christians to heed!
What a terrible high cost Lot paid for his decision and tragic example for all Christians to heed.

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Tim Shey said...

Amen. Very good post.

"This is Sodom! This is Sodom!"