Wednesday, August 28, 2013

America's Failing Standards

So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:1
We will always have struggles with satanic powers until Jesus comes. That has been the case since Adam and Eve (not Steve but EVE) Sin does exist in this world and it offends the Lord and sin separates us from our God. The sins of this nation (America) have separated us from God. God will not and cannot ignore or excuse sin as though it did not matter. Do not think for one minute that God has overlooked the long list of sins that plague America. I’m here to tell you he has not and the payday is coming. As it was in the days of Noah so it is now. That is the very reason why there is always a great importance for the people of any nation to live a Godly life. To me that is normal. Living a normal (Godly) life in a family Structure, in our church, in the community, or our country. By doing this one thing we are enabling the society which we live in to also be normal (Godly) and that is by each and every person sharing Godly standards, values, morals, and ethics. There must to be a standard that we all live by. All of us can have our own personal liberties (outside of sin) but for any group of people no matter how small or how large there must be a standard to live by. Lifting Jesus higher should be at the top of that standard. Following the standards found in the Bible is a high priority for any nation that wants to survive. The use of drugs, people not working because they want to live off the government (in other words living off you, me, and others, babies born out of wedlock, the single parent family’s are not what the normal standard should be. It was not and still is not a Biblical standard. By saying that I’m not putting down the great job that some single parents are doing, raising their kids because of circumstances out of their control, but that is not the standard which God wanted and it was not the standard, for the most part, years ago in America. When a person looks into the history of America, especially the past generation, anyone can plainly see by what is happening. We as a whole have been redefining what sin is in this country, and things that were once called bad, are now called good. The things that was once called sin are no longer sin. If you are a person who studies the Bible you know that is the wrong direction and it puts this country in the bulls eye for God’s judgments. The conduct of some people that was previously branded as wrong in America, is now okay, and because of that we, as a whole, have quietly been raising the ‘normal’ level in certain areas where it was not normal or even right by any earlier standards.” What was sin in the past is sin now and always will be a sin. The plain fact is this, SIN WILL ALWAYS BE SIN! America, as a whole, is getting use to a lot of behavior that is not good for us, and not the normal (Godly) thing to do. The American people worry about a lot of other things that go on in this country such as the economy, Muslim terrorist, corrupt people in the White House and government at all levels and that goes without saying, but the core issues and standards that our country was founded on are bypassed, put aside by an ever increasing evil leadership and the people who voted them into office. It is time for all Christians to stand up for Jesus! If America is ever going to recover her formal glory we (The American People) must take positive steps and react to the obvious, that looks us all straight in our face every day. SIN and the decline of the civic order and moral standard that plague us as a nation. We must go back to maintaining standards of behavior that are righter in God’s eyes, rather than letting them slip away with a shrug of the shoulders or a turning of the back like we do not see it happening. It is time for all decent, law abiding Americans who love the Lord Jesus Christ to stand up and say enough is enough. We as Christians will be held accountable one day if we do not stand up for what is right. A short time ago a decision was made by non elected, unaccountable judges that sit on the Supreme Court. They imposed upon the American people a new definition of marriage (their definition), I’m talking about an institution (marriage between a man and a woman) that is absolutely essential to a healthy society in any country. That is what starts the family unit and the family unit is the core of our nation. How the family unit goes, so goes the nation. The Supreme Court has defined and re-wrote the meaning of marriage. If the God fearing people of this country fail to resist this and other attacks on the Godly principles that guide our lives, the shared moral standards that are found in God’s Word, the ones that have brought America so many blessings will vanish, out of the people’s grasp and understanding. The typical response of the left in this country is to say that anyone who opposes or is against a redefinition of marriage hates homosexuals. There is no truth in that statement. We just hate the sin of homosexuals, not the person. A person can respect and hold in high esteem the tradition of marriage as it has stood for thousands of years and not hate homosexuals. In a free society, homosexuals can, even though it is a sin, chose how they want to live without forcing the rest of us to change our Christian beliefs on the institution of marriage. I cannot leave out the murder of the millions of unborn babies in this country and the government giving their approval. I cannot leave out a man that lives in the White House who pokes fun at the scriptures in the Bible on national TV and cancels the National Day Of Prayer while quoting from the Muslim Karan at the same time and allowing thousands of Muslims to pray on the White House lawn. Let me leave you with this thought; “We might not never have to face the decision to die for our faith as the three Hebrew Children did in the Book of Daniel or for what we, as Christians, believe in, but every day, without fail, we have to make a decision to live in our faith. I ask each and everyone who reads this post make a decision to stand up for Christ and for the Christian standards that made this country great. God Bless.

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