Friday, July 20, 2012

The Lord Hath A Controversy With The Nations

We, as Christians, would be careless in our duty if we did not continue to warn this ungodly world about the coming of the Lord and to be ready for what comes. In fact it is our duty! The Lord has laid this upon every Christian. “We are to cry aloud and spare not” The world is crying for peace and there is no peace.  There are many plans for world peace that are put out by the leaders of this world but none of them ever work or never will work, because Jesus Christ has been left out of the picture.  Their plans are hopeless and always will be. The only peace that this old world will ever have is when our Lord comes back to reign and until then the people that will have peace are born again, blood bought Christians. They will have a peace in their hearts that passes all understanding.

The plain simple fact is this; the spirit of restlessness, lawlessness, rebellion, and anarchy are stronger than ever and it is not just limited to one country. It is spreading throughout the world. This world is in deep trouble. In the past the people of this world have, for the most part, feared the Lord.  At one time just the denunciations and the strong preaching of His messengers cause people to tremble, to be convicted and to call on the name of the Lord.  There have been times, as we can read in the scriptures, when faith in God was weak, but, I’m here to tell you, that unbelief in our Lord is never more impudent, disrespectful, rebellious, insolent and defiant than it is right now.

Men’s ears have become so dull of hearing; their hearts have grown so cold, their unresponsive and harden hearts have become so hard that most do not even believe in God anymore. That is how careless this old world has got.  There are millions upon millions who we must just as well say are atheist because God is not in their thoughts at all. Once again we can see this is all a part of the coming apostasy which is fore shadowed in the Bible.  From the weak legged preachers who have dollar signs in their eyes and are not preaching “What saith the Lord” to parents in their homes who give their children no guidance at all.

The fact is plainly this; People have rebelled against God, they have broken His law. God holds people to be agreeable to the rule of right, but man has never yielded to this. People have forsaken their allegiance to God and it is like they are shaking their fist at Him!  From the beginning of time until now, because of sin, most people in this word and the nations of this world have sat in darkness and are sitting in darkness, not because it is necessary, but because they have willed it so.  There is not a nation on this earth that can claim they stand righteous before God!

 Facing these facts can be hard sometimes, but it is something that we all must do. We must come to grips with what is happening around us and then do something about it. We have leaders that are ungodly, full of untruth, deceiving, and take their orders from the devil his self. They do all this while claiming to be a follower of Christ. Hell is enlarging itself.

The American people have moved away from the fact, and they have forgot, that this nation was founded as a Christian nation and the foundation was laid according to the word of God. Our leaders of the past knew this and spoke out using the Bible as a foundation for what was said and done.  Now we have leaders (or should I say a leader) that says parts of the Bible are not for today, as well as our constitution, which was, I believed, inspired by God Himself.  I can think of several kings in the Bible that tried to say the same thing and disaster followed.   We, as Christians must hold on to our faith and our beliefs. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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