Tuesday, May 1, 2012

REPENT - The Kingdom of God is AT Hand

Is He the Dooms Day Preacher Or The Watchmen on The Wall?

It is a sad world we live in when Christian people use the term a dooms day preacher. Theses words: "Dooms Day Preacher" only show the true Christians how far we, as a nation, have turned from God. I wonder if Jonah was called a dooms day preacher. I wonder if preachers of years gone by were called dooms day preachers? Some preachers today are  called this by sinners and some Christians who want to hear a smooth Gospel. The reason is they do not want to hear the whole truth. They do not want to hear anything that goes against or disrupt their way of life. Sure we all want to hear about God's love for us and we want to hear the things that He has done or will do for us, but what about the rest of the story? What will happen if you die in a life of sin? Does God close His eyes to this or is there a judgement? Is there a doomsday as some would call it? Yes there is!

I would rather call these preachers  "Watchmen on The Wall"  These preachers warn you of dangers that will trap you into a world of sin and put you on a course for the burning pits of hell. They will let you know that HELL is a place where the damned will suffer ever lasting torment. It is a place where the ungodly will never cease to exist.  They will call sin what it is "SIN". They will tell the world what the end results will be. This is what people just do not want to hear, but it is a fact of life. It is the very word of God. We have a choice to make. Heaven or hell, sin or righteousness, There is no in between. We need more preachers today to preach repentance to America. America is in need of a urgent wake up call. You can call it dooms day preaching if you want but if this nation does not turn to God and soon it will be dooms day for This country and  all that have rejected God. This country as a whole needs to hear the repentance messages over and over again by Spirit filled preachers. Only God can turn this country around!

I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love. But there comes a time when Christians have to stop taking just the bottle and eat some meat. There is a time and a season when sinners need to be aware. There comes a time when this nation as a whole needs to be aware of the consequences  of such sins as Homosexuality, the killing of unborn babies, and the list could go on.

Some people will say that all a preacher needs to preach and teach is God's love and that He wants to save us. That is find, we need to know all there is to know about our Savior, but there comes a time when the sinner and some Christians has to know why Christ loves them so much, why He died on Calvary for them, and what the people are being saved from. Not only are we to hear  "How beautiful Heaven must be" but the hell fire and brimstone also. John The Baptist said, "REPENT yea for the kingdom of heaven is at hand "  When Jesus started His earthly ministry what was His first recorded words? Jesus said, "REPENT" the kingdom of God is at hand! {Matthew 4:17}.  He also said "For there shall be great tribulation, such was not since the beginning of the world" {Matthew 24:21}and then again he said twice in the Gospel of Luke: " Repent or you will like wise perish."Peter said in the book of Acts to, " REPENT" and be baptized. There has to be someone to tell you what to repent of and what you are sorry for. That comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. We must hear all the Gospel {The Good News} for faith to arise in our soul. Most Spirit filled preachers wait on the Lord for their sermon and what they preach is from God and is inspired by The Holy Ghost. Just remember: " The word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Remember the same knife that spreads the jam on the bread also slices that bread!

I'm reminded that when God sent the prophet Jonah to that great city of Nineveh to cry against it Jonah was sent to preach against the wickedness. In other words, as some people call it today, Jonah was sent to preached a doomsday message,  in other words repent or else. Because of that message there was more than one hundred twenty-thousand persons that repented. These people could not discern between right and wrong,  "Between their right hand or their left hand" That is just about the way it is in this country today. When you will kill a unborn child in the womb, but pass laws to save baby whales then something is wrong. When you say that it is wrong to put a convicted killer of the innocent to death, but it is okay to kill a innocent unborn baby then I say you can not discern from your left hand of your right hand, you can not tell right from wrong.

The message was preached by Jonah because of God's Love for Nineveh. Because of God's love for this country we need more preachers who will stand up and preach repentance. This country is just about ready to be over thrown. Laugh if you want but doomsday, as some call it, is fastly approaching. The greatest to the least in this country need to humble theirselfs, repent and call on God.

We can look at the Book of Revelation and see very quickly what is going to take place on this earth and the end of all sinners. Why was this Book put in the Bible? Can we call it the dooms day book? The book tells of Heaven and hell, the good and the bad, If this was not to be preached why was this book put in the cannon of scriptures? Why are we told in the Scriptures that:  You reap what you sow.

We can read in The Old Testament of Sodom and how it was destroyed and why it was destroyed. Was this a dooms day story or a warning for  all of us to clearly to see. It could be if this story, straight from The Book, was preached from behind the pulpits, them maybe, just maybe, there would not be the homosexual problem in this country that we have today, but instead we have homosexuals standing behind the sacred desk. What a shame. Will this country's end be like Sodom?

Then we see in the scriptures that we are to  "Cry aloud and spare not" In other words do not hold back but show the people their transgressions and their sins. Let the people know that they have a clear choice. A devil's hell for the sinner or a place prepared by a loving Savior for those that love Him.

I do not know about you but when I go to church I want to feel that convicting power of The Holy Ghost telling me what is wrong in my life or what I can do to make it better. How many times have you heard a Message in church and not liked it or say you do not like that kind of preaching, but when you get home you are convicted in your heart  and then you think about it and realize the preacher was right. Sometimes the true hurts like that two edged sword.

We need in this country today preachers, such as Jonah, who will tell it like it is. Call sin what it is and preach repentance, not some kind of prosperty, or name it and claim it message. This country and the world needs Jesus Christ more than ever. We do not need twelve steps to a new life. What we need is Jesus Christ and preachers that will stand up and preach the truth. If we do not start preaching the truth soon we are going to see things that we never would have thought of as being. It is coming my friend and you can call it dooms day talking if you want, but its coming.

Call this a dooms day commentary if you want, but what this nation needs is a national day of repentance, mourning, and a coming back to God, forsaking the sins that caused this nation to be in the position that it is in, asking forgiveness from a merciful Savior. This country must be like that great city of Nineveh and everyone from the least to the highest must cry out for forgiveness and repent!

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