Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sins Of The Modern Church

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.                   ( 1 Corinthians 2:2) NKJV

A large majority of the mega churches profess to know Jesus Christ, but they still would deny the Cross and the precious blood that was spilled there. I say that because of the so many different doctrines they offer the people to promote their church and to increase church attendance and the church coffers.
Every since I can remember and it is still to the best of my knowledge the same way today if you did not belong to a certain denomination then you would never get to make heaven your home.  This is so untrue, but look at how some church denominations fight each other. The fact is all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ should: “Fight The Good Fight” and not each other.
Today we have churches, with what I call schemes, like The Purpose Driven Life, The Government of Twelve, The Twelve Steps, and many others that point to everything but to Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is not Jesus and the purpose driven life, It is not Jesus and the government of twelve, or any other combination. It is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. If a person believes any of them they believe in another Jesus. It is Jesus Christ and Him crucified that is the real answer for this old sinful world. It is by the precious blood of Jesus that the battle has been won and can be won in your life.
Many people, in today’s churches view God’s standards of holiness and truth as legalistic restrictions to their life, their personal freedom, their happiness, and their self fulfillment. The problem here is when people set their self's up that way, to be the authority over their own lives by such things as the purpose driven life, the government of twelve, and others, they are turning from the true teachings of the Bible and they have become slaves to their own corrupt nature and desires.
We now have some churches, today, where the people  sit side by side with Muslims in the church, with the Koran next to the Bible and the people worship Christ and Allah.  Anybody that reads the Word of God Knows this is wrong.  What is happening to the Churches of our Lord Jesus Christ Today?
I was always taught, and hold to a firm belief,  that all religions of this world are insufficient to meet the needs of the people in this world. It may be Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism,  and Confucianism.  These newer doctrines that I mentioned earlier are also the same. FALSE! They are all corrupt and do not measure up to Bible Doctrine.  It is by the precious Blood of our Savior (and no other way) that the battle is won!

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