Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thoughts Of Christmas

I still can remember those days, of years gone past, when I was a youngster and Christmas had such a special meaning. In public school, the most of us would put up pictures of the Baby Jesus in the class room. We would pick up the Bible (Which was on the teachers desk in plain view) and  read the Christmas story from it, during the morning devotions, before class was started. The loudspeaker to the public address system would come on, with a word from the principle, “Merry Christmas Students” he would say. And just before the school closed for Christmas vacation the  whole school, including the teachers, the staff from principal, to the janitor, all assembled in the school gym to sing Christmas carols, such as Silent Night, Away in a Manger and any others. We would listen to one of the local ministers read the Christmas story from the Bible.  It was a very special time for me and most of the other kids. Even at that early age I could feel the Spirit of The Most High in that gym. It was more than just the excitement of Christmas. Christmas had a special meaning to me when I was young and it still does to this day! It was (and still is) time to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday.
In the local stores, on the streets, and everywhere that a person would go we heard the words, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. I always looked forward for my mom and dad to put my sisters and me in the family car and look at all the naivety scenes in the neighborhood. There was a feeling there that goes beyond all explaining.
But in today’s “political correct world”  we see less and less of these things that I have made mention of. More and more, every Christmas, anti-Christian groups, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, sue some city for erecting a nativity scene on public property or singing Christmas carols on the public street, and at the same time, fearing they may be perceived as not being politically incorrect, more and more retailers replace the word "Christmas" with "Holiday" in their marketing advertisements and sale signs. Christmas has now become a commercial event We need to put the true spirit of Christmas back where it belongs.

To most people It may seem like a small issue to expound on, but not to me, because I’m a child of the King. The things, that I’m saying here,  are important and noteworthy because they reduce and make smaller the importance of the Christian foundations and roots of this once great nation. The United States of America. The very ideas  of justice, mercy, liberty and love for our fellow man are deeply rooted in the Bible, and particularly in the birth,  life, death and resurrection of Jesus The Christ. That's why America, in years gone past)  has been a shining light among the nations in the world.

Like the angel who appeared to the shepherds saying: “I bring you good news of great joy,” we as Christians have a story to tell about the blessings of honoring the true God, not Buddha, Not Allah, or any other false god.  Telling that story can start with all who read this article say amen to the truth and let your community know that It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas. Make a effort to say Merry Christmas when doing your Christmas shopping. Let people know that you are not and never will be politically correct, because you are a child of the King!
In closing I want to say how I miss my mom, even more during the Christmas Season. She would always sing her favorite Christmas song, which also has become mind, Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. And Friends that is what we must do at this Christmas Season and every day, “SHINE ON FOR CHRIST”

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