Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Answer To A Friend's Letter

You may have already received some requests for a national "burn a Koran" day. Many Obama haters and Islam haters are joining together to do this publicly and videotape it. This to bring "peaceful" Muslims out of hiding in the US. We already know they're waiting for the "go" signal to do to us what they're doing in India, Egypt, and elsewhere. The plan is to beat them to the punch. I know you're an ex-policeman. What is your opinion?

The above is a letter from a Friend who loves this country! She worries, as we all do about America. I wanted to share it and my reply. Because I believe all true Americans, that have a love for Jesus Christ in their heart and for our country need to hear this. So the ones that call me crazy, then to you I'm crazy, you can say so! My love for the Lord has caused me to lose many a friend and have many people call me crazy. To those who think I'm right then say so, but this is really what is on my heart and my friends letter has woke me up to write and post this on Face book and my blogs.

If you demonstrate in the streets and burn Korans then you are just like them. What makes you any different? If we hate the Muslim people we are no different from them. We are not to hate the people but we are to expose that false religion and what it stands for. Their religion is one of hate. Ours is one of “LOVE and HOPE” They are taught from a early age to hate America [The Great Satan], Israel [The Little Satan], Christian, Jews, and any body else that does not want or except their religion. They do not care what you say, what you do, or what happens to them because they believe they are in Allah's will and doing what he wants and they are doing just that. The fiddle plays while Rome burns! Get a copy of the Koran and read it for yourself. Most Muslim people are deceived, by their leaders, just like we are deceived by Obama and some other leaders in our country.

Millions of Americans need to ascend on the White House and Washington, DC and say enough is enough. Not that it would do any good! Most Americans are brain washed, [without God or His son] and the rest [ including many a luke warm Christian] just think it will never happen here. [WRONG] At the first sign of violence or demonstrating against this country or our way of life a firm hand needs to stop it. That firm hand is that of God! It will not come from Obama or Washington! It will come from Christian people who know how to move the hand of God! We can do more on our knees in prayer than we can burning Korans. Because with Obama, [or any other person like him] in charge that will never happen, because he is with them, you know that. He is a Muslim! He said he is not, but his actions are louder than his words. Here in this country, it will come to past, where, the Christian people and the true American people will rise up and we are going to see blood shed in our streets. Yes that is the truth. It is coming and give it a year or so and we will see it. You need to have a gun, plenty of ammo for it, plenty of food, God's Word, and stuff to keep you going because shorty anything can and will happen in this country. I am not advocating armed violence, nor do I want to see it, but I believe in being prepared. I believe there is coming a time that all true Americans will have to stand up and be counted. There is a time to pray, a time to stand firm, THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING!

I want to share a dream my brother had about two years ago with you: [ In this dream he saw me in the woods, by my house, digging a whole in the ground, I was crying as I put my Bibles into a plastic bag to bury them.] I think that this will come to pass and very soon. If we had leaders in our government, starting with Obama, who would do something we would stand a better chance of survival. But when a nation's leaders turns their back on God, as most of ours have done, then you have no help, but God's help. Our help comes from the Lord!

The Muslims already control most of the world's oil supply supply, which in turns means they control just about everything, including our food supply! [I personally think that they also control the White House and the present occupant] This did not happen over night. It happen over a period of time while most Americans have ignored what was happening or just do not realize what is happening. What is happening in the middle east just did not happen over night. When you turn your back on God, anything can happen.

I'm not surprised about anything that is happening in this world ,today, because it is in the Book. As I read and study God's Word it is all there for you to see. The enemy is at work. The anti-Christ is at work. It is no great revelation, because the warning was there all the time in the Book of Revelation and other books of the Bible, but people did not want to hear or read what was there. I wonder what they think now? They still have no clue.

A country or it's people cannot go against God's word and expect nothing to happen. All through the Bible when Israel turned there back on God destruction came. It was only when they turned back to God did God heal their land. Do you want your country back? Then turn toward God and cry out. As for me I look Heavenly ward and say: Come Lord Jesus! Because that is what I want. To be in that heavenly home with my Lord, where there will be no more tears, no more wars, no more hunger, just peace and joy!

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