Monday, July 19, 2010

Is It Nineveh All Over Again?

Will there soon be another Jonah sent by the Lord to warn this great country of ours to repent of its wickedness. What would this country do if a modern day prophet went across this nation with the same words as Jonah had for Nineveh: “Forty days and America  will be over thrown.” Most people would laugh. If you are a discerning Christian you can see that it is coming.  We are long overdue!  The problem is we already have godly men who are anointed that are crying aloud and sparing not and the people do not want to hear them
We do not read in Jonah to much about Nineveh  except it was a wicked city that could not discern between there left hand and there right hand. The people were living in spiritual darkness,  but the prophet Nahum had a lot to say. He said that the people of Nineveh was conspiring against God, they were taking advantage of the helpless, there was witchcraft, adultery, prostitution, and idolatry everywhere. (Nahum 2: 12-13)  History tells us that Nineveh was the capitol of the mighty Assyrian empire, which was a dominate force in that period of time.
“Cry Aloud” was certainly not a word that would make someone loved or liked by the people of any country. The prophet that warn wicked people of their sins and to tell them of the judgments to come is seldom meet with approval or admiration. They are, most of the time, met with opposition, resentment, and disapproval.  I think that in days past they were called “fire and Brimstone Preachers”. 
Then just as important as the fire and brimstone preachers there is the intercessor.  A person that will intercede for the sins of the people. We have in this country people that are given over to reprobate minds just like in the days of Sodom. We are told that being a homosexual is okay, that it is just a different life style. The Holy Bible tells us it is an abomination, it is sin. Our kids are taught in school that it is okay for Adam to marry Steve.  How much longer will our Lord tolerate this. How much longer will being “Politically correct” rule this nation.  Will there be one person that will stand up and cry out to the Lord. “Oh my God for just fifty righteous people, (one in each state) will you spare this country. It is a time for all true believers to cry out to the Lord.
Our God is not allowed in our court rooms, schools, or government buildings. We are fast not being allowed to say Merry Christmas, to sing Christmas carols in our schools and on the streets. Our president has stood and said we are no longer a Christian nation. All in the name of being politically correct. It is time for this nation to stand up and say we want to be “Biblically Correct”  It is a time for all true believers to take a stand and to let their voices be heard. It is time to stand on the house tops and shout: Jesus is Lord!”

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Tim Shey said...


Some of the United States is Nineveh and a few places are Sodom and Gomorrah. Some people will repent and some people have no intention of repenting.

Sin always plays itself out. If we sow for years to the wind, we will always reap the whirlwind.

This is my experience with Las Vegas. I have hitchhiked through Las Vegas several times. The last two times I hitchhiked through that city (December 2005) it was very unpleasant: the people were very rude and unfriendly; I had to walk from downtown to the southernmost exit heading to California. At that exit, I finally got a ride into California.

While I was leaving Las Vegas, I said, "Please, Lord, don't make me hitchhike through this city again. I HATE this place!" (And I don't like using the word "hate") The spiritual (demonic) oppression in that city was horrible.

In December 2006, I had a very vivid dream about a Las Vegas Earthquake (it is on my blog).

The Lord has not had me hitchhike through Las Vegas since December 2005.