Friday, April 23, 2010

The Love of Many

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:12-13

The Bible speaks of a great falling away in the last days (2 Thessalonians) before the end of the age arrives, and it seems that we’re seeing it on a grand scale all around us. Virtually everywhere we look we're watching the downward drop in morals and ethics,
in government, entertainment, and our social culture. It seems hard to deny that we're living in the final days of abundant and abounding sin, immorality, wickedness, and iniquity which The Lord predicted.
This is not an easy time for true believers of our Lord Jesus Christ. The evil around us can be so disheartening and the darkness that this world has to offer is so oppressive and sometimes it seems that it is so dominating that it really threatens our inability and power to walk in love as we all should. Yet, as we look, the reality of the gospel is brighter and more relevant than ever it ever has been in this world. And that light of the Messiah that is in us will be even more
overwhelming, and warm in this dark old world. We as Christians need to fill our most inter beings and souls with Christ's love in these last days of this old world. The political correct society in this world today leaves little space or have much regard for the Christian, but let us remember that we have that deep love in us that only comes from the Lord. It is a love that is deep down in us that will never die or the flame of that love will never go out.
We should never allow our love to grow cold in this ever increasing evil world. We can see everyday the proof that God is still in control and our Lord is still on His throne and His Holy and His precious Word is being fulfilled right before our eyes just as He said it would.

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Yuri Richardson said...


I certainly agree with this post. And thanks for your encouraging words. It is good to see other followers of Messiah "signing and crying" (Eze.9) for the abominations that are done in the land.

Thanks again for allow God to use you to write this post.

Shalom (Peace) in Messiah