Friday, February 26, 2010

Each Step I Take


Every step that we take in this life is already known by God and he has an explanation and the reason for all the hard to do things in our life, and for everything that happens to us. Our Lord understands what we are going through, as we deal with everyday problems in our walk of faith. We might be surprised when we unexpectedly have problems that just jump out at us, but God is not. He has everything under control. The difficulty that the circumstance in our life might bring us is there to test us and get us ready for other things that might happen to us in this life. It is much easier to trust God with thousands of dollars in our bank account and having a great job than to have to wait on the Lord for our needs. God uses all types of ways to get His abundant supply of resources to us. He will never forsake us. It may be through a job, or through the body of Christ, or a friend or family member that knows your struggle and just wants to help. Where ever the help comes from the Lord is there and He is a part of it . Of course it we have to be a little more open and let people know what we are facing, but in the end God gets the glory. Sometimes the answer comes without a word ever spoken. I have found that when I received help from an individual in the body of Christ, that they were being blessed by helping me. God was refining in them a spirit of giving and graciousness that allowed them to understand and identify with my situation. This is a beautiful thing because it shows the love of Christ. In the beginning it was hard for me to accept, because I had always been the person able to help someone in need. It made no difference what the problem was I was always there to help. With money, food, a way to go, prayer, lodging, and many other things. Then I became that person in need. How that hurt me. My pride had to submit to that process and it hurt. But what God so wonderfully showed me is that my dependence had been in the resource he’d blessed me to obtain and not in the giver of the blessing. When we understand that God takes us through difficult times in our lives to bring us closer in relationship with him, we will stop resisting the process. This process builds in us a dependence on God that isn’t shaken by any circumstance that we may encounter. His plan is to teach us this so that we faithfully follow him wherever our lives may take us, through thick or thin, on the mountain top, or down in the valley. In the end, this helps us to be better servants for the Lord's work. When that hard and challenging period in our life has passed, we will finally realize that the Lord has developed inside of us an vital dependency and trust in him. Each step that we take is just a little closer home!


Tim Shey said...

Amen. Well said.

Oswald Chambers once wrote of "the crush of circumstances." Jesus Christ is Lord over our circumstances and He can teach us and prepare us through circumstances. He may be preparing us for something in the future.

I have done a lot of hitchhiking in the past fourteen years and the Lord really provides and protects me. Submitting to Him and obeying Him are key to letting Him work in our lives.

Christina said...

Right before I read this article, I was realizing how insecure I felt, & asked the Lord to help me. Then I realized my 'insecurity' was, at root, a fear of trusting Him. I re-worded my prayer! Then began forming a new post in my mind, which I will title, "Though He Slay Me"...reading your article seems to confirm.