Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thinking Things Over

As I sit here thinking and pondering over things this morning the thought came to me it's amazing how quickly we, as God's Children, can forget the good things that God has promised us and done for us, and not only do we forget, we begin to grumble! We begin to murmur and complain like the Hebrews in the wilderness. Everything that is good is before us and we would still rather grumble and complain.

More than once in the Gospel of Luke, we can read that Mary, the mother of Jesus, kept these things and pondered them. It seems that Mary always kept a place in her heart where she stored away God's promises. We, also, must create a place in our hearts to store away Gods gifts and promises to us so that we can always remain in a state of joy all the days of our lives. His promises are real and they will come to pass.

During this Christmas season let us reflect and think about all the promises of God and uncover the many buried treasures with which God has blessed us. Let’s ponder and think about these things and thank God for His goodness, for His mercy, for his love, and His protection. He has already done so much for us and He wants to do more and will do more if we will only let Him in. He knocks at the door to our heart today and everyday.

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