Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Coming of The End

In May of this year (2008), The USA Today Magazine put out an incredible article dealing with the real financial condition of The United States. According to this article, our government recorded a loss last year of $1.3 trillion dollars! Can you realize in your mind how much that is? Listen friends that is a lot of money! Experts have been warning that a failing of the United States economy would lead to the falling away of economies throughout the entire world. Many leaders have even mentioned the need for a new world economy. Seems like to me that I read something like that in Revelation? Yes I have and if you read the Bible you have also. Not only our country but the whole world is close to a total financial collapse. I believe this is a important sign to us that follow Bible Prophecy. What we are about to see is prophecy getting ready to be fulfilled and it is at the door! We are having the stage set for the coming of the anti-Christ. When Jesus came two thousand years ago, the Bible tells us that the earth and all the countries within it had established a world economy under the rule of the Roman Empire. Everything was from Rome. This opened the door for the Gospel to be effectively spread through the means of a common language and common currency. In our age, we see similar signs with the coming of the anti-Christ and Christ’s near return. It should not surprise you or me if Satan would try to establish another world economy to take over the world. If you listen to the news you see evidently that is certainly what is taking place now. Most Christians are taught that the anti-Christ will set up the world’s economic system – and yes, this may very well be true. Although, I personally believe that the world’s economic system may already be in place before he comes to power That's my opinion about it. I might be wrong but I do not think so. I believe that system is already being set in place as I write this article. Soon and very soon we ( all the born again Christians) are going to see the King and are not going to have to worry about this. Here’s the bottom line with me and if you are a born again child of God, it should be your bottom too. When I read stories like this one, about the coming sorry full financial fate of this economy, it does not worry me in the least and neither should it worry you if you are a True believer! As we see these things coming to pass, our eyes should be wide opened and we should lift our heads up toward heaven and believe what the word of God says: " FOR WE KNOW THAT OUR REDEMPTION IS NEAR." Listen friend, "I know who holds tomorrow", and I know who is coming in the clouds of Glory, DO YOU? Time on this old earth is winding up fast. Faster than most people think. It's heaven or hell, that is the choice everyone will have to make.

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