Saturday, July 16, 2016

AMERICA: It Is Your Last Call!

The American people need to wake up from their sleep of eternal death and eternal damnation. It is, or soon will be, the last call for America. If you love your country then it is time to truly wake up from the sleep of death and shake off the wickedness that has overwhelmed this country. It is a time for much fasting and prayer. The American people have been so indifferent to the wickedness and sins in this country that these sins are multiplying the wickedness in the country. Some churches are now calling evil good. They have turned from Christ, the Cross, and that blood that was spilled there. They have put their faith in money, the government, and other things that were once called sin.
We have leaders (in the church as well as the government) that call bad good and good bad. What was once a sin is now the normal thing in our country. Homosexuals and lesbians are called a different life style. In most states they can now legally be married and are being married in churches who proclaim to be the Lord's servants. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. The sad part about it is that natural itself tells a person that this is wrong. America is murdering unborn babies by the thousands and it is called birth control. God calls it murder! He knows who we are, even when we are in the womb. America's president (Obama) states that some of the Bible is not for today, poking fun at some of the scriptures. Some people think hr is, or call him the messiah, which is pure blasphemy.  Wickedness is multiplying in America and God's judgments are starting to fall on the country and most people do not even have a glue or even know what is happening. For them it is let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow they may die. So sad! The truth is, when you die (a physical death) your life is not over.
With hardly any protest at all Americans and the church have let all types of filth such as certain types of movies (ones that would never be permitted years ago), magazines, violent cartoons, and video games to be exposed to our children until such stuff degenerates their minds until many do not know right from wrong. All Americans can see the results of these things. We can see it on TV every night. As long as these things are permitted the will in the minds of our children and their parents against these things will be broken. As long as these things are permitted we will have thieves who steal, murders, mass killings, rapist, uncontrollable lust, infidels, traitors, sluggards (people who will not work), blasphemers, and people who are against the Word of God. Millions of Americans are being deceived by these things, as well as being deceived by the evil government that is in control of this country. leaders who would be god if they could get away with it. Our leaders have turned everything that is true, good, and holy, into something that is not for today. This stinks in the nostrils of our God.
America as a nation has become sick and depraved from top to bottom and needs to repent like Nineveh before it is too late. America's cup of iniquity is full and judgments is coming to the home and the land of the once free. Are we going to let these sins and our depraved leaders destroy us and our country? Anybody who reads the Bible knows God's word and know the ones who commit such things are worthy of death, and the ones who have pleasure in them, also. (Romans 1: 29-32). There is a day coming, soon, the judgments where every person must give an account for their deeds. Be not deceived America: You will reap what you so" America needs a revival that starts with you and me!

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