Sunday, June 19, 2016


The eighteenth chapter of 1 Kings is a very good chapter in the Bible to read. In it we see Ahab, the wicked king of Israel, addressing the prophet Elijah: "Is that you, you troubler of Israel?"  The only trouble with Elijah was he told the truth. That is what we need now people who tell the truth. The truth is America is headed down the broad road to destruction.

I have said before, many times, over the past few years in different postings on Face Book, different articles on my Blogs, and articles in local newspapers that during my seventy years God has granted me on this earth I have never seen America in such bad shape. We, as a nation, are on the road for destruction and we are being lead down that road by our leaders. They are just plain lost without God or His Son. That fact is millions of Americans are in the same boat. LOST, without God or His Son.. They have sold America out for a free cell phone and a EBT card. That will sounds crazy to most people but the truth is the truth. As far as the preachers in this country there are a few who have not bent their knee to Baal.

When you can read in the local newspaper about a person who calls himself a man of God but puts his stamp of approval on homosexual marriages, abortions, and other gay rights you know that we are headed for trouble. You know we are headed for trouble when we have churches all across this nation that now have Muslims and Christians worshipping together, as they say to the same God. How can that be? One religion is one of hate and the other one is of love. How can bitter and sweet be together? You know we are headed for trouble when the president of the United States will not call the killing of innocent people in the name of Allah what it is; Islamic Terrorism. You know we are in trouble when our government is letting thousands in that are not vetted. How can this government properly vet them when they could not even vet one who killed or wounded over a hundred people in Orlando, Florida.  Expect more of this to happen under this present leadership and also under Hillary Clinton if she is elected president. Both of these people are evil.

Hillary Clinton will keep with the same policy that Obama has had for nearly eight years. She has accepted millions of dollars from Middle East Countries and it is documented on several conservative web sites. It is not just talk. Hannity on Fox News showed exactly where she was getting her money from to finance her bid for president.  It comes from the very people who want to destroy America. And we have people voting for her. They will believe a lie and in the end be damned. She has lied all her life from Watergate to the present on numerous things. Like when she said she was under fire as she got off airplane in Middle East and it was a proven that she lied, then there are her private servers. To be blunt she is a liar and she is deceiving the American people.

We have let a Trojan horse in our country, Obama and now we are paying the price for a free cell phone, easier to get EBT cards, and many other free things. Our country has been sold out by people who can only see the free stuff. This is very scary. The people who would vote for such people as Clinton and Obama are scary. They are listening to Obama and Hillary Clinton like Eve listen to the sly serpent in the Garden of Eden. They have sold their souls and if it keeps up they will face the whirl wind.

If our nation keeps on the same road it is on and elects Hillary Clinton as the leader of this nation then we are doomed for destruction. When any nation not only justifies but also promotes ungodly sins such as abortion, homosexuals, lesbianism, transgenders and excepts it as a lifestyle, that nation is in the last stages of moral corruption. The destruction of Sodom was the end result of the reprobate and degenerate mind. Sad to say there are too many reprobate minds in America even to the highest levels of our government. We all know what the end to this country will be if it does not turn around and repent. You know we are in trouble when we elect a Muslim to the highest office in our land. Oh Lord let my voice be heard, let me be one of your people that troubles America.

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Tim Shey said...

A Dream about Hillary Clinton

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
10 February 2008

Last night I had a dream about Senator Hillary Clinton. There were two scenes to the dream. In the first scene, Hillary Clinton was speaking to a large group of women (not feminists) inside this big building. These women were beautiful, godly and feminine; they were mothers and homemakers. As Hillary Clinton began to speak to these women, they began to attack her verbally—they were very angry with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s countenance fell and her eyes became downcast and she became very uncomfortable being with all the mothers and homemakers.

In the second scene, Hillary Clinton was sitting with these beautiful, godly, feminine women (not feminists). But there was something different about Hillary—she was wearing a wig of black hair. It appeared like she wanted to disguise herself as a godly, feminine woman, but every woman there could see right through it. Hillary Clinton tried to speak, but all these godly women began to attack her verbally. Hillary Clinton began to frown; she slunk to the floor and wanted to crawl away, but couldn’t. The godly women continued to attack her verbally.

Hillary Clinton could probably be President of New York City or President of San Francisco and Berkeley, California, but she will never be President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is not a godly woman; she is a feminist. Whenever she opens her mouth it sounds like she was educated in Cuba or North Korea.